Amsec BWB3025-FL Wide Body Depository

Amsec BWB3025-FL Wide Body Depository

AMSEC BWB3025-FL Wide Body

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  • "B" rated construction,  
  • 1/2" thick door, 
  • Protected by dual anti0fish baffles,
  • Large package capacity 4"H X 9"W X 11 1/2" (maximum),
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically, 
  • Door-mounted recessed coin rack, 
  • Four (4) anchor bolt holes,
  • Dimensions: O.D. 39 3/4"H X 25"W X 25"D         I.D. 19"H X 24 3/4"W X 22"D
  • Locker Size:  8 5/8"H X 24 3/4"W X 19"D  
  • Lock: Lock options available
  • Weight: 352 lbs.
  • Capacity: 5.9 cubic feet
  • Note: Front Load Depository-inside locker height restricted to 6"

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