Amsec CF2518 Amvault

Amsec CF2518 Amvault

AMSEC CF2518 Amvault

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  • "UL" listed, TL30 rating, 
  • Two (2) hour, 350º F factory fire rating. Tested at temperatures up to             1,850º F, 
  • Available in TL15 rating,
  • Dimensions: O.D. 32"H X 25"W X 25 1/2"D        I.D. 25"H X 18"W X 16"D
  • Weight: 1,195 lbs.
  • Lock: "UL" listed, Group II combination lock or electronic lock
  • Optional: Three-Way Boltwork (TL30's only), Auxiliary Keylock and Glass Relocking Mechanism (TL30's only) available,
  • Interior: 1 adjustable shelf
  • Capacity: 4.2 cubic feet

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